5 Questions That Have Changed My Life pt. 4

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the delay.  As you can imagine, Easter is a busy time and I was focused on the last two weeks and did not have a chance to finish this series.  I will finish the last two parts this week.

So, we have covered the first three questions that we use in our K-Groups.  Question number 4 is as follows…“What is something that happen this week that only happened because God was involved?”

We call this our “God thing”.  This serves as a weekly opportunity for people to recognize and share that God is at work in their lives and all around them.  This questions helps people simply tell their current story or testimony.  This also serves as a great reminder that God is at work in each of our lives.  He is doing things in our lives to make himself known to us and to those we come in contact with.

So often when we think about our testimony, it is a one time story that never changes.  We typically think this is the story of when we became a follower of Christ.  Yes, this is important.  But, our story does not end when we believe on Christ.  Our story continues as we seek to become disciples of Christ.  Therefore, when we tell our story, it is a story that is current and has a future.  For this reason, we want to be aware of what God is currently doing in our lives.

Part 5 will be up later this week!

5 Questions That Have Changed My Life pt. 4

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