5 Questions That Have Changed My Life pt. 3

So far we have covered the first two questions we ask in our Koinonia Groups at Anchor.  “What is your greatest struggle this week?” and “What was your greatest blessing this week?”

The third question is very important to the biblical community.  If all we are concerned about is what has been hard and what has been good about the week, all we have is a support group.  But, we want our community to be more than that.  We want our community groups to be undergirded with the Word of God.  After all, what is a biblical community without a Bible?

I could spend much time talking about the authority of scripture and may in future blogs.  But, for this post, let me simply say, we believe that God’s word speaks God’s glory in to the lives of the readers.  Therefore, our third question is this:

“What passage of scripture has spoken to you this week?”

To stick with the Elijah story, let me illustrate this way.  Elijah went to hide from everyone.  What did he need?  He didn’t need some miraculous sign from God (food provisions) or some expression of God’s power (strong wind, earthquake, fire).  The thing that he needed most was to hear from God.  In his situation, God spoke to Elijah in a whisper.  For us, God speaks through His word.  Therefore, we want to be in His word.  We want to hear what He is saying through human writers, inspired by the Holy Spirit.  We do not want to treat the scriptures as some fairy-tale that leads to good morals.  We want to treat it as revelation from God.  Ultimately, this points us to Jesus.

This questions challenges people to be in God’s word.  It raises a level of expectation in the group.  It brings to reality the understanding that we will be discussing how God’s word is penetrating the heart of the people each week.  Sometimes this is emotional and sometimes it is rather subdued.  But, God’s word never returns void.  It always speaks.  And, the cool thing is that many times, as someone is sharing how God spoke to them through scripture, others will say how much that verse impacts them just by hearing it in that moment.

So, that is the third question we ask in our K-Groups.  Question number 4 will be revealed with the next post.

5 Questions That Have Changed My Life pt. 3

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