The Heart of the Great Awakening

I love reading about church history. I especially love to read about the great movements of God in church history. But, as I read, I always catch my mind asking the same question: “When is the next movement of God coming?” This question has led me to my knees as I pray that I could be a part of that next great movement. You, reading this post, could be responsible for that next great movement. We should not read church history and continue saying to ourselves, “boy I wish I could be a part of something like that”. Instead, we should allow the Holy Spirit to move us to missional living. We… I, should stand up and say, “Here I am Lord, send me”! Believers should be convicted over the lost!

Jonathan Edwards was a great figure during the Great Awakening of the 1700’s. During a great revival in Northampton, Edwards wrote a narrative called “Faithful narrative of the surprising work of God”. In this narrative Edwards states:

“There was scarcely a single person in the town, old or young, left unconcerned about the great things of the eternal world. Those who were wont to be the vainest, and loosest; and those who had been most disposed to think, and speak slightly of vital and experimental religion, were now generally subject to great awakenings. And the work of conversion was carried on in a most astonishing manner, and increased more and more; souls did, as it were, come by flocks to Jesus Christ. From day to day, for many months together, might be seen evident instances of sinners brought out of darkness into marvellous light, and delivered out of a horrible pit, and from the miry clay, and set upon a rock with a new song of praise to God in their mouths.”

How amazing would it be to see flocks, yes FLOCKS, of people turning from sin to Jesus Christ. Being brought out of darkness into marvellous light. Let us take responsibility for living missionally and sharing this hope of salvation to the lost world. HERE I AM LORD, SEND ME!

What do you say?