“Would you still praise God if He was going to send you to Hell?”  This was a question posed to me about three months ago as I listened to a preacher by the name of Paris Reidhead.  In his sermon “Ten Shekels and a Shirt”, Mr. Reidhead boldly asked this question to his listening congregation.  My very first thought to the question was “NO WAY!”  I accepted Jesus in to my life so that I would not go to Hell.  As Reidhead continues, he made me think twice. 

Do we treat Jesus as a means to an end, or as the ultimate end?  What I did not realize is that my entire philosophy on Christianity was, in all reality, a humanistic view.   Humanism is the idea that the chief end of being is the happiness of men.  It is this idea that has led to the breakdown of people having true relationships with Christ.  We have fallen in to the humanistic view that salvation is simply for the happiness of man. 

In all reality, we should still worship God even if He was going to send us to Hell.  We should not accept Jesus as our Lord to simply get to Heaven, we should accept Jesus so that the Father is glorified.  It is simple:

God created us to be with Him.  That was the whole reason for God creating man and doing that in His image.  The problem is that Our sin seperates us from Him. 

                           “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

                                                              -Romans 3:23-

So, God wanted us to be with Him, to glorify Him and worship Him.  Man messed up and fell in to sin.  So we deserve Hell.  Yet God loves us so much that He sent Jesus as a rescue from sin.  Why?  To renew the relationship between sinful man and holy God.  So, Jesus came for one purpose:  Redeem man.  Therefore, we should accept Christ, not to get to heaven, although this is the ultimate result, but to fulfill the original purpose for man being created.  TO GIVE HIM GLORY, FOR HE IS WORTHY!!

What do you say?