5 Questions that Have Changed My Life pt. 5

Through this 5 part post, I have shared with you the questions that our Koinonia Groups (small groups) use every week at Anchor Church.  Just a quick reminder:

1.  What’s been your greatest struggle this week?

2.  What’s been your greatest blessing this week?

3.  What’s a passage from the Bible that has spoken to you this week?

4.  What’s something that happen this week that only happen because God was part of the situation?

And finally, today the fifth question is:

5.  What is one goal you have for the next week that will require dependence on God to be accomplished?

It is this question that brings challenge to each person.  The answers to this question are wide open.  Sometimes they have to do with time management.  Sometimes they have to do with a specific evangelistic encounter with someone.  Sometimes they have to do with important relationships in the home.  Whatever the answer is, the purpose of the question is to understand a dependence on trusting God to be working ahead of us.

That’s one of the greatest things we can learn as believers and members of the church.  God is not waiting on us to do something before He does work.  The reality is that God is already working ahead of us and he wants us to be aware of where he is working and join Him in that place.

This question also puts intentionality in our minds.  If we are intentional about seeking God, we can see where he is working easier.  Really, this is a way for us to seek to have the heart of God and not our own preferences with our life.

So, there you have it.  Those 5 questions have become precious to the body of Christ known as Anchor Church.  Feel free to use these questions to encourage your walk with the Lord.

5 Questions that Have Changed My Life pt. 5

One thought on “5 Questions that Have Changed My Life pt. 5

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this. As I am still having many questions about why my mom is suffering with Alzheimer’s. I guess I have such a problem because she has always been so right in her living? Plus I think I have gone through just about every emotion you brought up yet this is one time I am not hearing from God or understand His reason or reasons.I’ve gotten past the anger and the fighting with God, I just pray most times the God will just let her fall asleep. Is that wrong? I know you said your done with this study session, but maybe you can put this out there. I have been in much prayer and much scripture. I know this is hindering me so much, so please be in much prayer about this. Thanks J.D.

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