What Do You Ask For In The Trial?

I’m sure we have all done it.  We have all found ourselves in the middle of a trial in life, and we have done it!We have struggled to find the words in our question.  We have been so mad at God that we cannot even believe He is there for us.  We have been so overwhelmed by the struggles of this world, that we cannot keep our head above the waves.

Then we get to that point where we realize we must turn to God.  We know He is the only hope in the struggle.  He is our Anchor forever.  So, we get in our posture of prayer and we ask for…what?  What do you typically ask for?

One thing I have found myself often asking for in my struggles is strength.  I really feel that this is a good thing to ask the Lord to give me.  When I am feeling weak, what else would I need besides strength?  But, as I have searched the scriptures, I realize that this is the wrong request.

Another request I often make is for God to give me deliverance.  I know, that sounds like the correct thing to ask the Lord to give.  Let’s face it.  If we can just get out of the storm, life would be perfect.  So, I turn to God and beg Him to rescue me from the storm.  Again, this is the wrong request.

So, what should we ask for?  The book of James tells us:

“If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” – James 1:5

There is the answer.  When you and I are in the midst of our trials, the one thing we should ask for is WISDOM.  Not strength.  Not deliverance.  We are called to ask for wisdom.

When we ask God for wisdom, we can begin to see just how our trials intersect with the plan God has for our life.  When we ask for wisdom, trials will not cause us to wander from the path God has put us on.  When we ask for wisdom, we can better understand how God intends to use our circumstance for our good and for His glory.

So, brother and sister, next time you find yourself in the midst of the storm.  Seek wisdom and trust God.  He loves us and will never forsake us!  He is a good and great God.

What Do You Ask For In The Trial?

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