5 Questions That Have Changed My Life pt. 1

For much of my time in ministry, I always felt like my job was to teach people as much as possible in the smallest amount of time possible.  I have come to realize that as we gather in biblical community (Koinonia Groups at Anchor) we can actually learn and be edified greater by listening to each other.  Therefore, when I began to develop what our small groups would look like and do, I tried to figure a way for people besides just the “leader” to talk.  How would I do this?  Ask good questions.  Since we began our K-groups, we have asked the same five questions most every week.  This has been a great tool for helping every person in the group hear struggles, celebrate victories, study the Bible, and set goals. I have shared these questions with a few people who have asked.  They always encourage me as to how much they feel the questions will help them as they seek to make disciples.  Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to share the “5 Questions” as we call them.  I will also share a little bit of the foundation for each question.  You can take and use them or you can just call them “dumb” and use something else.  This will be a 5 part  blog that I will try to post over the next couple of weeks.  Now to question number 1:

“What has been your biggest struggle this week?”

In 1 Kings 19, we see Elijah with a huge struggle.  Jezebel is out to kill him.  He is questioning God’s plan and finds himself in a very dark place.  What was his response?  He ran away from everyone.  Now, the Lord is good and He sought Elijah and had a very special time with him.  But, we know that the tendency of people within community is to run when hard times come.  As strange as that seems, we want to be alone when we need encouragement the most.

So, every week as we gather in K-groups we put all our cards on the table as the very first thing.  We want to remove all mask from the people in the group.  We want to flee from masquerading around behind something that is gripping our life.  I will tell you, just be ready.  Everyone in the group should be ready.  Because this will lead to a necessity for shepherding by all the people in the group.  Their will be brokenness, tears, anger, fear and even the tendency to hold back.  But, we must be honest with our brothers and sisters and allow them to shepherd us.  After all, the Gospel is for all situations. Stayed tuned for part 2 in the next couple of days.

5 Questions That Have Changed My Life pt. 1

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