God’s Power in my weakness

“The secret of the life of holiness comes to those who do not seek it, but only seek Jesus.” -Andrew Murray

Over the last several weeks, I have been struggling with discouragement, anxiety, and worthiness in terms of seeking God’s mission for my life and the ministry he has given me. I so easily fall in to the trap of feeling unable to complete the task at hand. “Lead a student ministry – I’m not very good at that!”. “Start a mission in Sikeston – I have no idea what I am doing!”. Lead my wife and kids towards Christ – definitely stink at that!”.

As I spend time alone with The Lord, I found myself asking for him to help me seek holiness. I need holiness. I need to be an example of holiness to the students, the community at Anchor, and to my family. They need to see me being holy so they can be holy. Well, I have learned that I stink at being holy as well.

Then, I read this from Andrew Murray this morning! Listen, I know that you all may think I am crazy, but it is so elementary! I do not need to seek holiness! I need to seek Jesus! I need to trust the power of the Spirit to continue saving me from myself. So, as I follow Christ and as you follow Christ, may we seek Jesus to make us holy!

God’s Power in my weakness

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